Innovative WHEEL BEE® LED, NIGHT VISION backpacks are developed and designed in Europe. In addition to high utility value and general characteristics of school and leisure backpacks, WHEEL BEE® backpacks highly increases visibility and safety with its LED LIGHT biult-in. This is Innovation on the school backpacks market and introduce completely new dimension of road traffic safety.

WHEEL BEE® backpacks characteristics:

- Innovative LED LIGHT built-in for increased visibility and safety
(4 operating modes: turn on/off, shines constantly, flashes quickly, flashes slowly)
- Reflective stripes
- Rubberized fabrics from inside for water resistance and durability
- Laptop department
- Small items organizer (pencils, calculator, ruler…)
- Pocket for eyewear, keys, mobile phone…
- Headphones exit
- Side mesh pockets
- Double Padded back and shoulder straps
- Chest straps with whistle
- Waist straps
- Dimensions: 46x31x20 cm

WHEEL BEE® - Bee Seen - Bee Safe

is a commercial brand of high quality sporting and leisure products which introduce completely new dimension to their user's traffic safety.


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