10 Golden Rules

1. Staying off the road!

When you play, make sure that you are not suddenly on the road. While running, cycling or skating this can happen quickly. The curb is the limit.

2. Also look to the left and right at "green"!

Cross the street only at a green traffic light. Even with "green" always first look in all directions whether really all drivers have stopped.

3. In the dark, wear bright clothing and safety lights!

When it is dark outside, always wear bright clothing. Your school bag should have reflective strips. Even better if equiped with LED safety light as an addition!

4. Ride a bicycle on the sidewalk!

You can use the sidewalk whenever it appears safer to you. But watch out for pedestrians.

5. Wear a helmet!

Always wear a helmet when cycling, even on short distances.

6. Your bike lights and brakes need to work!

Check your bike regularly with your parents. Everything should be in place and should be working properly: the brakes, the lighting, the reflectors and the bell.

7. Never drive with inline skates on the roadway

If you go inline skating, wear full protective gear: helmet, wrist, elbow and knee pads. Never drive with inline skates on the roadway.

8. In the car use a child seat and the seat belt

Use on all the rides in the car, even on short trips, your child seat. Always use the seat belt.

9. Get off on the sidewalk side!

Always get off the car on the side of the walkway, never on the street.

10. Caution at bus stops!

At the bus stop you often have to wait. When the bus arrives or departs, watch like a hawk. And: stay calm when entering, when getting off never cross the roadway in front of the bus.

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